Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life after marriage is like learning a new language

I love my husband and his family but does it mean that i can't love my parents and family anymore. Yes, I got married 50 days back and every day is a new struggle of a new adjustment in life. Naturally everything I am comparing to previous set of family and upbringing and that's the biggest mistake I am doing. One thing I learnt is start this new life as if you just entered kindergarten. This is just like learning a new language altogether. Everything you knew till now about it has to be forgot and learning has to start fresh again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First sketch on tab

Omg!! I'm so happy and excited to see the sketch i created on my new note pro tab. Thanks for this amazing gift.
Sharing the sketch with everyone, though i'm terrible at drawing, still through sketch book i could create it..feeling so happy and excited...
i could use my creative side after a long time.. it gives you a sense of achievement. I feel on top of the world.